Selecting Affordable Wedding Venues in the Portland Vancouver Area

Selecting Affordable Wedding Venues in the Portland Vancouver Area

There exists a number of choices in the Portland Oregon and Vancouver Washington areas where wedding ceremonies can take place. But The Hostess House in Vancouver is a unique place for wedding ceremonies and receptions. It was built and designed to give a romantic experience giving a beautiful view of a waterfall. It has a chapel which is designed in a way that it accommodates up to 200 guests.
The reception area is attractive and  is furnished with modern facilities leading to a covered deck and outdoor garden which your guests will admire.

The reception room is spacious enough to accommodate your guests. And a well-stocked bar is in place. All brands of drinks are available and you do not have to go outside looking for them. It also includes a nice large dance floor.

Everything is done to make your wedding a special day for you that you will remember for the rest of your life. All assistance that you require on this day will be provided by The Hostess House.

It’s a perfect location regardless of your religious preference.

The Hostess House provides everything you will need for the most perfect wedding and reception all under one roof.

Wedding Food, Beverages, And Entertainment in Vancouver WA or Portland OR

Wedding Food, Beverages, And Entertainment – The How and Why!

Do you live in or around the Portland, OR area? Are you or a loved one planning a special day this year? What are you looking for in your special day? Do you have it all planned out, with a dream in your mind of how you want it all to play out?

There’s nothing wrong with this. In fact, the more planning and imagination you use, the better. And as your anticipation builds, so will your excitement and enjoyment of the occasion.

This is truly a once in a lifetime occasion, and you and your guests should enjoy it as much as possible. What are some of the best options to consider in this regard, then?

An occasion like a wedding, with the inherent reception and party is truly an all evening event. From the time you and your guests start getting ready, and putting on their best clothes, to the time of the reception will likely be many hours.

It is only proper then, to provide your guests with food to add to the enjoyment of the evening. As your guests have an opportunity to relax and enjoy a special, catered meal, they will unwind and relax.

Drinks too, should not be overlooked. As your guests will be wearing formal clothes, the likelihood of perspiring increases. Add to this the dancing that will not doubt go on, and everyone will be thirsty.

Drinks are maybe the most underestimated item that any reception will have. Guests, especially those who may be hungry, will go through a huge quantity of beverages early in the evening. As the evening continues, the consumption will likely taper off, but will not cease until the last guest has left.

Another thought to consider is the treatment of alcoholic beverages. Each wedding party must approach these with their own tastes and needs in mind. Some weddings prefer to have no alcohol served at all.

If you choose to serve alcohol, will it be an open bar? Will your guests be treated to only two drinks per person? Or will the alcohol be paid for completely by the guests? If guests will be required to pay, this information should be included in the reception party invitation, so your guests will not be caught by surprise.

Entertainment should also be provided. Whether the entertainment will be limited to music, as provided by a DJ or live band, or include other more intricate performances, adequate planning is a must.

For the work of balancing, juggling, and planning all of this, it is truly beneficial to have much of this handled by professionals. Especially in the Portland, OR area, costs for the services are reasonable.

By hiring help to handle these aspects of your special evening, you will ensure a beautiful evening that is everything you hope it will be, while saving yourself a large amount of work and stress!

Wedding Planning Portland OR

A wedding is an important part of many people’s lives; it is a celebration of love that gives people a chance to start a family together. Wedding traditions have changed overtime but things that have remained common especially in Western weddings are the white dresses that symbolize purity and the exchange of wedding rings.

It is important to plan well for a wedding before the due date; the best way to go about it is by hiring professional planners. An ideal place to hold a wedding in Vancouver, Washington is The Hostess House which has the resources to cater a wedding. Their staff members are professional wedding consultants. The Hostess House was established in 1984 and it offers the best services because you will find everything under one roof; a beautifully layed out reception area, a chapel and an amazing garden complete with a waterfall.

Benefits of Having Your Wedding Professionally Handled By The Hostess House
You will have a chapel and a reception area for your wedding with a minister to preside over the wedding if you have not found your own minister.The House Hostess offers these services with a difference since the bride can choose the Bridal Salon service where she can get the perfect gown for her wedding. Preparation of wedding invitation cards will not be your concern because people are assigned to custom make the invitation and thank you cards at your request.

All catering will be taken care of by the House regardless of the kind of food that you will want served at the wedding. Staff members to serve food at the reception are readily available. Preparation of the chapel and the reception area is done by The Hostess House as well; flowers, cake and table covers are all provided to match your color scheme. A pianist and a DJ will also be at your disposal. Finally, after the wedding all the cleaning is done by the Hostess House employees.Hiring us saves you time and eliminates stress; doing everything under one roof is also cheaper as compared to hiring different vendors. It also prevents disappointment.

Located just across the river from Portland Oregon, The Hostess House in Vancouver, WA can take care of all the intricate details in a wedding. All you have to do is give instructions and pay for the services. Then show up on the wedding day. There will be no stress at all for the bride or groom.

The Bridal Arts building is attached to our location in Vancouver, Washington. It has all the things a bride would need for her weeding from the bridal gown, the bridesmaids dresses to the flower bouquet. Bridal Arts no doubt has the widest variety of dresses for the brides and their maids in the area. They have dresses of all types to fit all body shapes and all types of people from conservative persons to less conservative persons. They have long to short gowns, gowns to fit any taste and a huge variety of designs from all the top designers; as well as personal designs. These dresses come with jewelry and bridesmaid’s dresses as well as evening gowns. You can be sure that you will be satisfied with the selection available. Accessories such as shoes, jewelry, tiaras, gloves, bridal garters and also cake tops, sand ceremony sets, engraved napkins and figurines are all sold at an affordable price.

Weddings in Vancouver WA

Weddings in Vancouver WA

Weddings are hectic and it involves organization and planning. This task can be done faster if couples will entrust their wedding party plans to The Hostess House in Vancouver, WA.

By hiring The Hostess House the couple no longer needs to worry about the seats that are going to be used and the location. The candle-lit chapel that they offer can seat 200 guests and is located near a garden setting with a waterfall.

The chapel is already well designed and you do not need to spend thousands of dollars to make it look lovely and solemn. It can be rented out for the ceremony for only $200 to $650 depending on the number of hours the area would be used.

The Hostess has gained its reputation through effective bridal wedding events and was even featured at the Modern Bride Magazine and recognized as “The Place” to have your wedding and reception.

Once it is rented out the couple can expect that it will be decorated with floral arrangements depending on the bride’s colors and the concept of the wedding and the owners will also include a 15-unit candelabra as well as offer custom floral design.

The area also comes with dressing rooms to suit the needs of the bride and the groom.
The couples can relax because the Hostess House has many years of experience in handling weddings. That way you can focus on your special day instead of becoming frantic arranging the reception.

The Hostess House comes with a number of wedding packages.  These wedding packages will include flower arrangement, table decoration, the pianist or organist for the ceremony, the serving of non-alcoholic beverages like coffee and tea service including chocolates and mints and serving of the food to the guest until the cleanup.

The price range of complete wedding packages will range from $1,995 to $2, 995. It will depend on the number of guests that will come, the day of the week and the time of the day. It would be best to contact the owners and book as early as possible in order for your wedding to be accommodated.

The couple has the freedom to choose their cake topper, the engraved design on their napkin including the bride’s garter. The linens and the crystals will also be provided in the wedding reception if requested. A wedding planner would be there to assist the couples in their every query and need.

The Bridal Arts Building

In order to make the life of the bride easier in finding the best wedding gown designers they should go to the Bridal Arts Building which is attached.

This place features gowns, bridesmaid dresses, mother’s dresses including formal evening gowns. They also offer children’s dresses and attires as well as wedding accessories, slip rental is also provided. The bridal entourage is sure to be impressed with the full-sized dressing’s rooms, the two carpeted platforms including the floor to ceiling mirrors.

Clients can choose from hundreds of gowns available.

Weddings Vancouver WA

The Hostess House is the perfect choice for your wedding and reception. Go through our website to see all that we have to offer in one location. Like us on Facebook and subscribe to our Youtube Channel. And don’t forget about Twitter. It’s easy to stay in touch with us through these Social Media sites.  And to further stay up to date with the current online trends our website now has a mobile friendly version for your convenience as well. We look forward to meeting you.