Wedding Food, Beverages, And Entertainment in Vancouver WA or Portland OR

Wedding Food, Beverages, And Entertainment – The How and Why!

Do you live in or around the Portland, OR area? Are you or a loved one planning a special day this year? What are you looking for in your special day? Do you have it all planned out, with a dream in your mind of how you want it all to play out?

There’s nothing wrong with this. In fact, the more planning and imagination you use, the better. And as your anticipation builds, so will your excitement and enjoyment of the occasion.

This is truly a once in a lifetime occasion, and you and your guests should enjoy it as much as possible. What are some of the best options to consider in this regard, then?

An occasion like a wedding, with the inherent reception and party is truly an all evening event. From the time you and your guests start getting ready, and putting on their best clothes, to the time of the reception will likely be many hours.

It is only proper then, to provide your guests with food to add to the enjoyment of the evening. As your guests have an opportunity to relax and enjoy a special, catered meal, they will unwind and relax.

Drinks too, should not be overlooked. As your guests will be wearing formal clothes, the likelihood of perspiring increases. Add to this the dancing that will not doubt go on, and everyone will be thirsty.

Drinks are maybe the most underestimated item that any reception will have. Guests, especially those who may be hungry, will go through a huge quantity of beverages early in the evening. As the evening continues, the consumption will likely taper off, but will not cease until the last guest has left.

Another thought to consider is the treatment of alcoholic beverages. Each wedding party must approach these with their own tastes and needs in mind. Some weddings prefer to have no alcohol served at all.

If you choose to serve alcohol, will it be an open bar? Will your guests be treated to only two drinks per person? Or will the alcohol be paid for completely by the guests? If guests will be required to pay, this information should be included in the reception party invitation, so your guests will not be caught by surprise.

Entertainment should also be provided. Whether the entertainment will be limited to music, as provided by a DJ or live band, or include other more intricate performances, adequate planning is a must.

For the work of balancing, juggling, and planning all of this, it is truly beneficial to have much of this handled by professionals. Especially in the Portland, OR area, costs for the services are reasonable.

By hiring help to handle these aspects of your special evening, you will ensure a beautiful evening that is everything you hope it will be, while saving yourself a large amount of work and stress!

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