Wedding Planning Portland OR

A wedding is an important part of many people’s lives; it is a celebration of love that gives people a chance to start a family together. Wedding traditions have changed overtime but things that have remained common especially in Western weddings are the white dresses that symbolize purity and the exchange of wedding rings.

It is important to plan well for a wedding before the due date; the best way to go about it is by hiring professional planners. An ideal place to hold a wedding in Vancouver, Washington is The Hostess House which has the resources to cater a wedding. Their staff members are professional wedding consultants. The Hostess House was established in 1984 and it offers the best services because you will find everything under one roof; a beautifully layed out reception area, a chapel and an amazing garden complete with a waterfall.

Benefits of Having Your Wedding Professionally Handled By The Hostess House
You will have a chapel and a reception area for your wedding with a minister to preside over the wedding if you have not found your own minister.The House Hostess offers these services with a difference since the bride can choose the Bridal Salon service where she can get the perfect gown for her wedding. Preparation of wedding invitation cards will not be your concern because people are assigned to custom make the invitation and thank you cards at your request.

All catering will be taken care of by the House regardless of the kind of food that you will want served at the wedding. Staff members to serve food at the reception are readily available. Preparation of the chapel and the reception area is done by The Hostess House as well; flowers, cake and table covers are all provided to match your color scheme. A pianist and a DJ will also be at your disposal. Finally, after the wedding all the cleaning is done by the Hostess House employees.Hiring us saves you time and eliminates stress; doing everything under one roof is also cheaper as compared to hiring different vendors. It also prevents disappointment.

Located just across the river from Portland Oregon, The Hostess House in Vancouver, WA can take care of all the intricate details in a wedding. All you have to do is give instructions and pay for the services. Then show up on the wedding day. There will be no stress at all for the bride or groom.

The Bridal Arts building is attached to our location in Vancouver, Washington. It has all the things a bride would need for her weeding from the bridal gown, the bridesmaids dresses to the flower bouquet. Bridal Arts no doubt has the widest variety of dresses for the brides and their maids in the area. They have dresses of all types to fit all body shapes and all types of people from conservative persons to less conservative persons. They have long to short gowns, gowns to fit any taste and a huge variety of designs from all the top designers; as well as personal designs. These dresses come with jewelry and bridesmaid’s dresses as well as evening gowns. You can be sure that you will be satisfied with the selection available. Accessories such as shoes, jewelry, tiaras, gloves, bridal garters and also cake tops, sand ceremony sets, engraved napkins and figurines are all sold at an affordable price.

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